Good Morning,

In preparation for my trip to Paris in a few weeks I’ve been jotting down outfits ideas in the notes on my phone to cover all weather conditions and to suit any plans we might make last minute.

This is one of the ideas I came up with and I wanted to try it out beforehand. The top was a gift from my friends and it couldn’t be more appropriate for Paris with the French slogan. The material is beautifully soft on the skin and comfortable too. The fact it’s slightly off white is good as you can wear with more neutral and or warmer tones.

The skirt is so old yet I still manage to find ways to wear it year in year out. Animal print is really big this Autumn/Winter season and with this one being a traditional (read monochrome) colour palette, it doesn’t tend to date the way that other animal prints do if they’re in a particular colour for example. New Look has a lot of red leopard print designs at the moment which is lovely right now but I know in a few months it’ll no longer be trendy and as much as possible I try and avoid buying into the fast fashion trends and stick with the more classic, longer lasting ones.

The sock boots are still in thanks to Balenciaga and it’s a prime example of buying into a trend that’s around for the long haul. I’m so pleased as I find this style really comfortable but most of all flattering especially if you’re petite. The boots add length to my legs and that’s not something that happens often. It’s so easy to get it wrong with boots. All it takes is the wrong cut to make you look short and stumpy and I’ve been there many times. I’ve finally found a style that works for me and that’s a good enough reason to stick with it.