Summer to Autumn – Playsuits & Jumpsuits

Tweed Bag
Stud Boots
Pinstripe Jumpsuit
Tweed Shoes
Floral Jumpsuit
Check Jumpsuit
Animal Print Jumpsuit
Tweed Playsuit
Spot Jumpsuit
Stripe Jumpsuit

Good Morning,

I’ve really noticed a shift in the temperatures in the last week and even resorted to putting the heating on the other day as there was a crisp chill in the air which left me feeling cold for the first time in a while thanks to the glorious summer we’ve had. It made me realise it’s time to start thinking about the transition from Summer to Autumn in terms of my wardrobe and outfit choices. As a result, I’ve put together a little wishlist of things I’ve got my eye on for the coming season with a particular focus on playsuits and jumpsuits which are two of my favourite options as they’re really easy to style. As you know, culotte jumpsuits in particular are a firm favourite of mine (examples One, Two and Three) and I’m pleased they’re still around this coming season. I’ve got my eye on a few from Warehouse* and there’s lots of unique patterns and designs along with the more classic shapes and styles too.

Playsuits are perfect in summer and work really well if you’re petite like me. They often come in beautiful pattern designs to fit in with the fun and vibrant feel of long summer days. I’ve got a few simple tricks to enable wear through this tricky period between Summer and Autumn when the weather can be unpredictable and changeable. They are as follows:

– Layer a long sleeve top or knit underneath

– Throw a leather jacket on top

– Add some biker boots

Jumpsuits are a great option throughout the year and as long as the proportions are right, they’re also a winner when you’re petite. They can be particularly useful at this point and the same tips above also apply in making them work through to Autumn.

Have you started the transition from Summer to Autumn in your outfit choices?


This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own.