Floral Print

Good Morning,

I’m not usually a big fan of a lot of floral or busy prints however I’ve been trying to think outside the box more when it comes to styling and I’ve got a few upcoming blog posts which demonstrate that.

I spotted these floral trousers on the H&M website and was intrigued by the elegance and subtly of the pattern despite it not being something I’d usually go for. It was styled as a co-ord with the matching top which I also purchased but quickly returned.  I really looked like I was wearing a pair of curtains which isn’t exactly what I was aiming for.

Anyway, the trousers are beautiful with the wide flowy material and soft floral pattern. I’ve been more drawn to neutrals recently as you may have noticed from recent posts (here and here) and they fit in to that category. At £13.99 it doesn’t really matter if I only wear them once or twice as there’s really nothing to lose. That’s what I love about H&M. They have the latest styles and trends at very hard to beat prices and with this type of thing, there’s really no need to invest a lot of money as next week we’ll be on to something new.

I’m definitely more classic when it comes to styling and I do have a staple wardrobe of pieces that can be worn in so many different ways but now and again I like to supplement that with the latest styles that are trending and have a bit of fun.

What do you think about these trousers?

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