Pink in Paris

Good Morning,

If there was one outfit that was made for Paris I feel like it was this one. I spotted this tweed playsuit online just before my trip and having bought a similar style in blue previously, I was hoping the sizing would be better this time around.

Thankfully it was perfect and I knew I had my outfit for one of the days sorted.

The tweed like design is really flattering both from a distance and up close. The intertwined pink, red, blue and black stitching is also stunning and the images on the website don’t really do it justice. I didn’t go for the matching jacket as I didn’t want it to be too formal and I didn’t feel I would get much wear out of the jacket on it’s own with the shape, cut and style. As we’re moving into autumn I wanted to be realistic about what I would wear and in Glasgow it’s just not likely I’ll get a lot of wear unless we get the Indian summer they continue to promise year on year despite it failing to materialise each time. The playsuit will be lovely come spring though and at £29.99 it really is a bargain for such a beautifully designed piece and the fit couldn’t be more perfect which at times makes all the difference.

I received many compliments both from posting on instastory and whilst in Paris, at the hotel and in shops which not only made me feel great but also confirmed it was in fitting with my style, suited my shape and therefore a worthwhile purchase.

My other recent purchase (if you caught my what I bought this week post) is the pink Kurt Geiger Kensington bag. I lusted after it for a while, secretly hoping they’d do a 20% off day. They used to do them frequently but seem to have stopped it now which is unfortunate as it always encouraged me to purchase. I tried it on in store a few times and then finally decided to go for it so I’d have it for Paris and just to wear in general.

Anyway I think it’s the perfect match for this outfit, working well with the overall luxe look and feel and complimenting with the gold hardware.

What do you think about this outfit?

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