YSL Museum

Good Morning,

I didn’t have any specific plans for my trip to Paris this time around until the day or two before when I booked tickets for the YSL Museum. I’m glad I discovered it when I did and that we managed to go before it closed for upgrade for the coming season. It means I can go back next time too and see something different which is always good.

I talked about my visit to the Christian Dior exhibition on my last trip and I knew it would be hard to top that with it being my first time going to something like that and with it being so extravagant. The YSL Museum is much smaller with only a few areas with clothing on display. What it lacks in volume, it makes up for in character. Spread across different areas and telling the story through various videos and montages was really special and you could relate in a way you maybe wouldn’t have before. Obviously I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who plans to go at some point even if it’s after they’ve changed it from the current set up. I imagine the clothing, accessories and jewellery (wowzer) would change but the story remains the same.

One of my favourite parts was the workshop area. It was an organised mess but in the best possible way. It didn’t look overly staged and in the video montages with the Ateliers you can see it’s exactly how it was. I also really enjoyed seeing what they had to say. As much as it’s his story, you discover that some of the staff worked alongside him for a very long time which is true evidence of character. The fashion world often seems challenging and competitive but for the staff to work there for such a considerable amount of time really tells you they must have enjoyed it. Especially around that time when it would have been easy to move on to another designer or fashion house. You get a sense of their loyalty and commitment through the videos.

I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. Entry is €10 and although we only spent about an hour inside, it was worth it.