French Look

Good Morning,

This was an unexpected outfit choice. I packed the skirt just in case (an essential thing to do but very rarely used) and ended up too hot when wearing a black dress so changed into this instead and ended up really liking it.

The skirt was perfect for the warm weather, breezy enough but giving coverage too which was helpful as I ended up a bit burnt the previous day. The top went well, again giving coverage on the shoulders but lightweight enough too. The contrast of the crisp white against the royal blue of the skirt is classic and very Parisian if I do say so myself.

I didn’t plan to take any photos in this outfit but it’s hard to have the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop and not utilise it. Especially when wearing a typical French look and with a clear blue sky.

As soon as I hopped up on to this wall which was a challenge in itself, many others followed suit and the challenge was then to get the photos without anyone else in them. Not that there’s anything wrong with other people in photos but when you’ve gone to the effort of getting a picture perfect shot, it can be frustrating to have someone else’s hand or foot in the frame as it becomes a distraction.

Anyway we got the shot and then sat on a bench for a while admiring the view and people watching which is always amusing and an easy way to pass time whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine. Speaking of time, the watch I’m wearing is from Riverdean and you can use my code PETITEPAULINA20 to get 20% off the entire site. 




  1. Anas
    September 12 / 4:56 pm

    You look so lovely in this dress!

    • petitepaulina
      September 12 / 5:07 pm

      Thank you 💕