Top 3 Autumn Trends

1.  Tweed

I’ve already shared a few of the pieces I’ve picked up which are in keeping with the tweed theme. What I like about tweed is the intricate weaving which gives a different look each time. Some designs are fine and delicate, others are thick and bold as per the examples below. Tweed is a classic and chic design that will forever keep coming in and out of style and that’s why it’s a trend I have bought in to.

2.  Animal Print

I’m not a huge fan of animal print with only one or two items featuring in my wardrobe until recently however it’s impossible to go in to any store at the moment without seeing it everywhere. I picked up a jumpsuit recently which is leopard print and I’ve been wearing my zebra print skirt non-stop however it’s not a trend I’d spend a lot of money on as it will very quickly go out of style and we’ll move on to the next thing. I also think there is a very fine line between animal print looking good or looking tacky. There’s no obvious style or design to avoid but I tend to stick to a finer or more subtle design rather than a large or bold leopard print for example. I also try and avoid the print in vibrant or non-natural colours if that makes sense. There’s plenty of red leopard on the high street at the moment but that is an example of a bold design I would steer clear of to avoid looking tacky.

3.  Pleats

Pleats are always very flattering whether in the form of a skirt, dress or trousers. They flow beautifully, move with you and tend to gloss over areas we might be conscious of. They also don’t crease which is a huge plus. I’ve got a few pleated midi skirts which I love but recently I bought a mini pleated skirt from Zara and it’s pretty much my favourite item of clothing at the moment. It’s very forgiving and instantly catches your attention. It’s very easy to style as pleats go well with simple pieces but most of all with knitwear. The contrast of the elegant pleat against a smooth or chunky knit works really well. Again this is a trend that will continue to come in and out of style regularly and for that reason I don’t mind spending a little bit more to get a really good quality skirt or dress that is going to stand the test of time plus looks and feels great to wear.