The Boots

Good Morning,

Today’s post is a lengthy one explaining how I got my hands on a pair of must have boots. A pair of boots which are totally out of my comfort zone, different from my usual style, bolder than I’ve ever gone before but I bloody well love them. Grab a cuppa before I get started.

My lust for these boots started way back in September 2018 when they first landed in stores and I started to see people wearing them (on Instagram, I haven’t seen anyone wearing them IRL). I know Insta can be deceiving at times however I clocked quite a lot of people with pretty slim legs wearing them and they were tight fitting which is the main thing I’ve struggled with over the knee boots and the reason I’ve never found a suitable pair until this point in my life. I’m also not fond of that toggle at the back of over the knee boots to adjust the size, I appreciate it’s practical but it’s not easy on the eye.

Anyway I convinced myself the boots weren’t for me, they were too bold, too much of a trend piece and not practical for the weather in Scotland through winter. They also sold out pretty quickly online in my size and I took that as a sign it wasn’t to be.

Fast forward to December and the sales starting. I browsed the Mango website, taking my time to avoid missing any good bargains and when I clicked in on something I noticed at the bottom of the page was a carrousel of ‘recently viewed items’ which included the Snake Effect Boots that I had momentarily forgotten about. I raced to the page and much to my surprise they were on sale but sold out in every size. Typical. They had the little envelope though meaning you could sign up for a notification if they came back in stock. I added my email and continued browsing feeling slightly deflated.

It must have been about 8am when I seen the email and of course one of the 54 other people on the waiting list had snapped up the single pair which came back in stock. I checked the store availability and was amazed to find they had a size 4 in the Glasgow store. It was the 1st of January so the store was closed. I decided right there and then that I’d be the first person at the store the next day for it opening to snap up these beauties. I’ve been disappointed by the accuracy of store stock availability in the past as although it’s 2019 there still seems to be a delay between someone buying an item and the stock calculator reducing the number available by one.

The Mango store in Glasgow is within Buchanan Galleries shopping centre. On 21st December 2018 I burst a tyre in said shopping centres car park and therefore I was keen to avoid using the car park again as the layout is awful and I didn’t want to risk another incident especially as I was only going to one store and would hopefully be done within 5 minutes. I asked my mum if she could do the honours of going to the store and picking up the boots while I sat in the car in the bus stop outside. At this point I still wasn’t convinced they’d have them. About 4 minutes later my mum appeared with a bag – hello new booties!

Now, despite all of this effort to get the boots I still wasn’t sure of the following:

1. I’d actually like them

2. They’d fit me (& not be up to my chest)

3. I’d ever wear them

As soon as I got home I had them on and I was amazed that I liked them, they fit perfectly and I could actually wear them without feeling like a hooker.

They are super soft both inside and out and glide easily on and off. They almost cling to the skin which is great as it helps hold them up and gives that tight fit look. They are actually pretty practical when it comes to weather as they have a slick finish so any rain would simply wipe off if it hadn’t already dripped off. The heel is really wearable too, not too high and also not too thin.

They’re definitely a love/hate piece, what do you think?

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