Changing My Shopping Habits

Good Morning,

In my first post of the year, I touched briefly on shopping and spending less both to save money and as I’m not need of new things every single day. I’m happy to report that I have hardly seen Davie my DPD driver since the year begun (of course there have been a few exceptions) however today I wanted to talk about how I’ve changed my shopping habits, as that is exactly what it had become – a habit.

Stop Looking Aimlessly 

Every single day or at times multiple times a day, I’d check the new in section of ASOS, Topshop, Zara etc to see if anything had arrived. This was partly because I like to snap things up as soon as they arrive especially when it comes to high street when things can sell out quickly and smaller sizes are in high demand. I also like to share things on my blog that are still available now. As a reader of blogs, I personally like it when I can purchase the items and therefore I like to do the same as much as possible. In hindsight this can be quite unrealistic to keep up and it feeds the need to always have new things and probably drove me to the point of checking the new in section multiple times a day to get a hold of things while they’re ‘in’ plus share them on my socials while a wide range of sizes are still available.

To change this habit, I have completely stopped checking the new in section and I’ve avoided the temptation to have a browse of the heavily reduced sale prices from emails that, whilst enticing can also be relentless. I’ve unsubscribed from mailing lists although I feel like I do this every year and always end up getting promotional emails again as time goes on. I’ve deleted the apps from my phone, again to stop me from checking randomly even if I feel the urge to. I’ve currently got about £45 of ASOS vouchers and a £20 Zara voucher which usually I’d have spent immediately but I’m waiting until there is something I need and then I can look for that specifically rather than just checking the new in section and snapping up everything and anything.

Wardrobe Shuffle

 I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes and as a result I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I’ve got things which I can easily say I will never ever wear or wear again and should be going to a new home where they will be worn and appreciated. It’s so easy to forget how much we have when it’s not in direct sight. I’ve made a conscious effort to trawl through my drawers and rails to pick out things that either

– have or haven’t been worn and could be worn or donated/sold

– has been worn and reached end of life

This has resulted in a pile of stuff to be donated/sold, a number of things for the bin and a refreshed wardrobe with forgotten items. All of a sudden I feel like I have a new wardrobe without having spent a penny.


I’m quite bad at sticking to my comfort zone when it comes to certain pieces. What I mean by that is wearing in the same way or co-ordinating with the same things each time. It’s amazing how different something can look if it’s styled or accessorised differently. I’ve added a few ‘bolder’ pieces to my wardrobe over the last few years including a classic red bag and more recently, a statement pair of boots. I initially thought these items wouldn’t get as much wear as the more basic or neutral pieces but I’ve surprised myself by how wearable they are and how they can be added to give a different look each time.

Go Designer 

2018 was the year I dipped my toe in the designer world and I’ve really enjoyed wearing the items I purchased over and over again. That’s the main difference with designer and high street and as long as you buy a classic, non-trend piece, you’ll be able to wear endlessly. This has also helped changed my mindset as now I’m more focused on saving for my next designer purchase rather than buying 10 fast fashion pieces on the high street. Less is definitely more when it comes to this approach and I’ve made good choices with my designer purchases thus far, allowing me to accessorise basic outfits and add that luxurious touch. Whilst writing this I have placed an order for something which I’m not sure if I’ll like or keep (it’s in the trend category) however the next thing on my designer wish list is a bag and if that’s not motivation enough to avoid checking ASOS every damn day then I don’t know what is.





  1. Sally
    February 1 / 9:59 pm

    Doing doesn’t just free up space in your wardrobe… it certainly helps myself and Tina to de-stress! Bravo Petite Paulina xx

  2. Sally
    February 1 / 10:00 pm

    Love the dotted jumper!!