Zimmermann Dupe

Good Morning,

Zimmermann is a brand I’ve always lusted after. The Australian designs are simply stunning with beautiful silhouettes and iconic patterns that are easily identifiable. The brand image is really strong in that sense and I always know when I see a Zimmermann in the same way it’s easy to recognise a Self Portrait or Needle and Thread piece. 

Zimmermann is high end in terms of cost and for that reason I’ve yet to add any of their pieces to my collection. I’m always looking and I keep an eye on the latest arrivals and different patterns or styles produced each season. Places like The Outnet often have discounted stock which makes it more attainable however I’ve yet to find the perfect piece within my price range. 

I picked up a playsuit last summer from ASOS which was definitely inspired by Zimmermann however the quality wasn’t great and as a result I haven’t had as much wear out of it as I would have liked. That’s always the testament of opting for the designer option, getting a higher quality piece and multiple wears bringing the cost per wear down.  

Last week I was aimlessly browsing (as I often do) and came across this playsuit which again immediately struck me as a Zimmermann dupe. I purchased straight away and although a similar style, shape and material, I was much more impressed by the quality. 

The pattern is absolutely beautiful with the blue floral detail. Blue is definitely my colour and I love the tone of this one. The frills and tiered detail at the bottom of the shorts is stunning and sits perfectly giving a lovely shape. The tie waist is great as you can synch in and create a nice hourglass figure. 

I’ve kept the rest of the styling simple with neutral tones as the playsuit speaks for itself and deserves to be the focal point of the outfit. 

I’ll definitely be getting plenty of wear out of this over the summer and it’ll be great for my trip to Paris in September too.