Make A Statement

Good Morning,

Sometimes you come across a piece that is 100% made for you but you don’t have any occasions or events to wear it to. My advice in that situation is always to buy it anyway as you will have an occasion as some point in the future and instead of feeling like you have nothing to wear and scrambling around for something, you’ll have this perfect piece ready and waiting.

That’s exactly how I felt about this dress and I took my own advice for once. I spotted it in the new in section and I knew it would immediately sell out – which it has. I ordered despite not having anything in the near or immediate future where I could showcase it however there will come a time. 

The high neck and toile du joue print are simply stunning. The lattice detail at the waist shows some skin and breaks up the print. The shaping of the waist is also really flattering drawing your eyes to the smallest part creating a beautiful silhouette. The big billowy sleeves with the tight and detailed cuffs are beautiful and make the dress look way more expensive than it actually is. The pleated frill skirt flows perfectly and is well proportioned. 

I’ve kept the accessories simple and neutral to avoid taking anything away from the dress. 

Now I just need a special occasion to wear it to. 

*shoes gifted