3 Ways To Wear – The Skort

Good Morning,

I haven’t done a 3 ways to wear post for a while but when I picked up this ‘skort’ from Zara, I immediately had multiple outfit ideas and thought it would be good to share different ways of styling one piece. 

First of all you need to start with a versatile item. I love the shape, style and design of these shorts and best of all, from the front, it looks like a skirt. This gives character and flare and means that they will look different depending on how they are styled up which is exactly what you want. 

Outfit Combination 1 – Casual Everyday Look

Through this hot summer, I’ve been living in shorts but there is something very casual about shorts especially some of the styles I’ve been opting for. Some days I want to look a bit more put together, even if I’m simply running errands or spending time with family and friends. This outfit gives the best of both. I can be comfortable while looking like I’ve made a bit of an effort. A plain white tee was the obvious choice to pair with the shorts and keeps everything simple with the block tones. A pair of casual but chic trainers finishes the look and I can easily be out the entire day in this outfit and still be really comfortable. 

Outfit Combination 2 – The ‘Blair Waldorf’ Way

I don’t know what exactly it is that reminds me of Blair Waldorf in this styling, it might simply be the hairband but there’s definitely an influence there. A high neck white lace blouse is the perfect way to take this to a higher level. It’s very sophisticated although I’ve kept it a bit risqué with only a bandeau underneath. To be honest it was too hot this particular day to be wearing anything else underneath but I think it works giving a little bit of exposure whilst protecting my modesty. The headband works well with the overall colour palette. A sleek pair of nude heels also help elevate the look and add to the elegance. This would be great for a high tea or plush afternoon tea with the girls. 

Outfit Combination 3 – With Snakeprint 

As we move into the transition between Summer and Autumn, light knits and boots will start to feature more and more. I loved styling my snake print boots through Spring but it’s been far too hot to even consider pulling them on over summer. As we’re now in September, it feels more appropriate and the light and neutral tone lends itself to going with anything. A crochet knit gives some coverage while still letting some air through. The puff sleeves work well adding detail and volume. The bright white stands out against the pastel tone of the shorts. The boots are the perfect length showing just enough skin and elongating the legs in the process. A little pastel pink Kensington blends well and is just the right proportion. Anything bigger might be overwhelming. 

I also styled another way in a previous post which gives 4 different ways to wear. From a £19.99 piece from Zara, I’d say that’s great value for money, wouldn’t you?