Grey Snakeprint

Good Morning,

As I started collating my Christmas Gift Guide, I was refreshing the new in section of every store for inspiration. Friends and family had also been asking if there was anything I was wanting and I gave them some ideas from the pieces I had selected. The challenge with browsing for ideas is the urge to buy things for yourself. I’m quite partial to buying a gift for a friend but also picking it up for myself which results in spending way too much money and buying things which are not actually needed. 

I tried to be strict this year but when I was on the new in section of Topshop, I spotted the most devine ankle boots. I text my friends and asked them to add them to their list of ideas but being extremely impatient, I bought them anyway. And when I say I bought them anyway, I mean I bought them in THREE out of the four colour options. I guess I need to work harder on my self control…

Anyway my favourite out of the four options available (leaving one option for my friends to gift me) was this grey snake print pair. First of all let me acknowledge the amazing value for money. These boots were only £42 which is an absolute bargain!! My previous Topshop ankle boots (x2 – lack of self control strikes again) were around the £70 mark. I still wear them at least once a week and the quality is supreme but this pair are just as good. Black Friday sales start tomorrow and Topshop usually have 20% off so you could potentially get yourself a classic ankle boot that you’ll wear for years for £33.60. The snake print trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon but if you’re not as keen on the print, I’d highly recommend the black leather or black suede which you’ll no doubt see me styling soon.

Now back to the detail. The cut of these boots is ideal. I have really weird ankles and it’s something other people might not notice but for me it’s blatantly obvious and for that reason I can’t wear low rise boots, they just look hideous. I need boots to come up a little higher to hide my strange ankles (not cankles though). This style comes up really high and that’s exactly what I need. The pointy toe is extreme but I think that’s what makes them so flattering. The height is also perfect. I see so many nice pairs of boots in different shapes and designs but often the heel is just too low, sometimes even just by a cm but for me that’s the difference between flattering and frumpy. Being 5ft 2in I also need the height of a higher heel. I feel so much more confident in heels and people often ask how I manage to walk all day long in them but it’s something I’ve got used to with practice and time. If you are new to heels I’d suggest starting with a wedge first and build up to the thinner and more stiletto styles. There’s nothing worse than not being able to walk in heels and there’s such a fine line between classy and trashy.

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