Postcard from Venice

Good Morning,

Venice is one of those magical places which amazes me more and more each time I visit. It’s a place like no where else in the world and I love getting lost and wandering through the narrow alleyways and crossing the variety of bridges. This was my first time staying in Venice itself as opposed to the mainland and it was great being able to delve deep and discover parts of the city I hadn’t previously encountered.

These pictures are from our first few hours exploring and we found this deserted area that was too nice not to photograph. The canals always give me a peaceful feeling. The pace is generally slower than the hustle and bustle of other big cities like London or Paris and there is a serenity about it. While they are usually bustling with boats and at times as busy as our motorways, on this occasion they were eerily quiet. This made it easier and a more pleasant experience for us overall however it’s bittersweet at the same time as it’s a shame for businesses and hotels which will be massively impacted as a result of the downturn in tourists and visitors. Gondola rides were offered at a fraction of the normal price due to the lack of people around and everyone we spoke to, whether it was in our hotel, in restaurants, museums or in shops were so grateful that we had continued our trip.

Since returning home, the travel advice for Venice has changed. Although the measures seem extreme, hopefully they result in the virus being contained and numbers of cases starting to reduce allowing normality to return in the near future.