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Good Morning,

I’ll be honest, at the start of the lockdown, I wasn’t paying much attention to my skin. I was doing my usual cleansing routine in the morning and evening but apart form that I wasn’t making much of an effort. As the days went on, I noticed a change in my skin. It had gone from normal/combination (oily t zone) to dry and quite dull. I don’t know about you but I expected my skin to be glowing from not wearing makeup day in day out and not going out in the polluted air. It’s safe to say it was quite the opposite and I realised I need to be paying more attention to my skin and taking better care during this lockdown.

One of my favourite things to do which thankfully I can still enjoy is a long soak in a hot bath. It’s a real treat at the end of a long day at work however I found in the first few days of working from home, I didn’t have the same intention as I normally would. I don’t know if it’s simply because I’d been at home all day and didn’t think I needed it, the way I generally do. I had also ran out of my favourite epsom salts and I know it probably sounds crazy but baths just aren’t the same without them now. They are amazing! I’d say they are most effective if you’ve been active/exercising or have pain in muscles or joints however working from home and spending a lot more time at my desk has taken it’s toll on my posture and I’ve got aches and pains in my shoulders and back. In the office I would be up and about, back and forth to the printer, in and out of meetings so a lot less time is spent actually sitting at the desk for hours on end. I stocked up on epsom salts and magnesium flakes which are also great and now I’m back into my bath routine and loving it.

Foreo kindly gifted me the new UFO 2 Treatment Mask device a few weeks ago and I have been including it in my evening skincare routine 2-3 times a week ever since. Different types of masks and treatments can be added depending on your skin type or skin concern any given day. It connects to an app on your phone and gives a 90 second thermo powered LED treatment. It changes from hot to cool and the speed changes too. It helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation and smooths wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves circulation. If 90 seconds is too short, you can repeat for a second round. This is something I’ve found to really help my skin during this lockdown. It injects the moisture needed from spending a majority of time indoors and gives a lovely glow. The Bulgarian Rose masks have been my favourite so far but I’ve ordered a few others to try them out.

Now that we’re a few weeks in to the lockdown, I’m getting into a better rhythm and starting to make a bit more of an effort. I’ve got back into my laser hair removal routine with the Philips Lumea. I’ve used this for a few years now although I tend to get out of the routine in the Winter. It generally takes a few sessions before the hair growth slows and I usually see the best effects after 2-3 months of continual usage. It’s the perfect time to do it as it means by the time we’re set free, I’ll have silky smooth pins. I’ve also tackled my eyebrows which were really grown out. I’ve done a home manicure and pedicure and while it’s not as good or enjoyable as it is in a salon, it has made a difference.

Look Fantastic have kindly given me a discount code to share which will help bring down the cost of any beauty or skincare essentials you might want to stock up on. Enter code LFTFPAULINA for 20% using this link.

Have you got any beauty essentials you can’t live without during quarantine?