LPD – Little Pink Dress

Good Morning,

Today is all about the LPD – Little Pink Dress. Summer is definitely the most colourful season for my wardrobe & pink is a common feature. Lighter and pastel tones are my favourite and this little dress is spot on. It’s a recent purchase from H&M, you may have seen it in my H&M Spring Lookbook or Summer Lusting posts.

When I’m adding new items to my summer wardrobe I try to avoid trend pieces wherever possible. I like to add things that I can wear year after year and this dress is a perfect example. First of all, at £14.99 it is an absolute steal and even if I only wore it once, it would still be good value for money. I can confirm it’s been worn at least 5 times already so it’s currently sitting at £2.99 per wear however that will continue to decrease over the coming weeks and months. Secondly, the material is a dream. It’s that crinkled crepe style material that doesn’t need ironed which is always a winner in my opinion. It’s lightweight and flowy which is perfect during summer but especially at the moment. I can’t bear the thought of putting anything tight on just now and jeans are out of the question for the foreseeable future. Dresses like this have become my go to and I’ll deal with the consequences when Autumn ’rolls’ around.