Toile de Jouy

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

This week has whizzed by in the blink of an eye. Anyone else feel the same? I’m glad it’s Friday though and I’m counting down the hours to logging out for the weekend. I’ve no solid plans but I’m looking forward to chilling out and taking things easy.

I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of clothes I’m buying seeing as I’m still spending almost all of my time at home. Some weeks are better than others however now and again you find something that is irresistible and you just have to give in. I spotted this dress on the new in section of ASOS and it had been delivered before I had a chance to even think twice.

When it arrived I was even more obsessed with it than I thought I ever could be. First of all, the toile de jouy print is STUNNING, I absolutely adore it. The French theme is something I’m constantly drawn to if it wasn’t already apparent.

Secondly, it’s blue which is my favourite colour. The different tones work well and bring out the finer detail of the dress such as the ladder inserts and frill trims.

Lastly and most importantly, my Gran would have loved it and loved me in it and that was my main reason for purchasing. I guess the sentimental factor is the most prevalent. She was the kind of person who called a spade a spade and she didn’t hold back if she didn’t like something. In saying that, I don’t think she would have been particularly fond of my big chunky trainers but never mind.

Now when I wear this dress, I’m instantly reminded of my Gran and all our great memories together.

p.s please excuse my poor attempt at a French plait…

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