Blue Obsession

*bag gifted

A few years ago my wardrobe didn’t contain much colour and was mainly monochromatic. While I still love classic tones and an all black outfit will forever be timeless, I’ve enjoyed venturing into the world of colour albeit cautiously.

Blue is a colour which now features regularly in my Spring/Summer wardrobe, moving to darker and navy tones in Autumn/Winter. It suits my skin tone and enhances the blue of my eyes, not that you ever see them behind my shades. I’ve also added some blue accessories into my collection including my Baby Blue Kensington and my chunky Balenciaga trainers which allows me to liven up a basic outfit or add a pop of colour to an otherwise low key look. I’m getting better at switching things up and opting for a matchy matchy approach as well as contrasting against other colours or mixing different shades of blue. It’s a good colour to start with it as it’s easy to style and it’s hard to go wrong. Another positive is that it doesn’t go out of style unlike some of the colours on trend at the moment such as lilac. As much as I’m loving the pastel tones and vibrant hues, I know this time next year I will be over it and as a result, I haven’t gotten onboard.

The tone of this dress is my favourite type of blue. It’s soft but holds its own and looks lovely with a sun-kissed glow. I’m really delighted with this little number, it looks way more expensive than it was and it can be thrown on at the drop of a hat.

I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who wears bold and bright colourful outfits everyday but I’m getting more confident and there’s no better time than Summer to experiment.

DressTrainersMini Pink Kensington Bag