HM Mini Tote Bag

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H&M have brought out the cutest little bag which is very much a dupe of the Dior Book Tote albeit at a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t resist and ordered as soon as it became available. I didn’t realise it would be quite as small as it is and I’m still deciding on whether to keep it.

They also have a larger version which is still listed as ‘coming soon’. I’m checking 500 times a day to try and snap it up as soon as it’s in stock. Everything is selling out super quick so you need to be fast.

Last Summer despite not going on any holidays, I got loads of use of my Kensington basket bag. It came in so handy for meeting up with friends outdoors or taking my nieces to the park. I imagine the larger Tote bag would be useful for the same purpose this Spring/Summer. It would be the ideal beach bag however the only beach days we’ll be having this year are those close to home. Hopefully we’ll get some good weather to make it possible as there’s something calming about the beach and the sound of the waves.

I’m hoping the other version becomes available soon so that I can decide whether to keep the mini or the large. Or both…

Hm Small Tote – Dior DupeHM Large Tote – Dior Dupe