Brand Discovery – Birdie Barn

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Birdie Barn is a brand I recently discovered on Instagram. They are based in the North of England and offer various items including mugs, stationary, decorations for the home as well as luggage tags, most of which can be personalised. They have an eco friendly ethos which is inspiring and aim to minimise waste, both in terms of creation of products and sourcing of materials as well as packaging.

I recently ordered two of their mugs, one an abstract face design with a personalised touch on the reverse and the second this frosted glass with a heart on one side and ‘R U OK’ on the other. The simplicity of the design yet significance of the detail stood out to me. The price point is great especially for personalised items and the designs are unique. The delivery timescale was quick taking into account the personalisation and the packaging was minimal while being substantial enough to protect fragile items. The items arrived with a lovely note as well as bee friendly flower seeds which was a really nice touch.

Given the circumstances of the last year, I think everyone should be taking a moment to check in and ask if everything is ok. The mug would also make a nice gift for a loved one and perhaps provide a regular reminder to reach out if there’s anything troubling them. We can’t be there in person just yet but there is light at the end of the long dark tunnel.