Brand Discovery – Yoppie (50% Discount Enclosed)

*paid collaboration with Yoppie

Good Morning,

In a slight digression from my usual themes, I want to talk about periods for a second. It’s an important topic that impacts all of us women and while it’s a common occurrence, menstruation is different for each and every lady.

Yoppie offer a personalised period subscription service to include organic and toxin free products such as tampons (with or without applicators), pads and liners which are aligned to your individual cycle frequency, duration and flow. Fill in a short questionnaire about your needs and Yoppie do the rest, sending you a pack through the post enabling you to be prepared for your period each time around with the items you need to see you through the cycle.

The products come in a letterbox friendly pack with minimal packaging and a sympathetic but sophisticated design. The boxes are handy to keep everything in one place in the bathroom for when you need them. The subscription can be paused, skipped or cancelled offering full flexibility which is great as not everyone has a consistent or regular cycle. The price is in line with what I’d usually spend on sanitary products on a monthly basis although it also includes delivery right to my door which is a huge convenience. The brand have an ethical and sustainable supply chain which is an important factor to take into account.

Alongside sanitary products, Yoppie offer 3 targeted PMS supplements to combat symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, cramps and mood swings. The questionnaire will determine the most appropriate option based on your symptoms and individual needs which is much better than trying to navigate the wide range available or opting for a generic supplement which may not be suitable or effective.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to women’s health which is why a personalised service is so important. There have been many times when I’ve been caught off guard, forgetting to stock up on the products I need and not realising until it’s too late. The last thing I’m in the mood to do when my period hits is to dash to the shops. With the restrictions we’ve been living under, at times we can be limited to supermarkets for sanitary products and they don’t always have the best supply or selection at the time of need. Trailing round multiple stores late at night or early in the morning can make the arrival of your period feel more of a burden than it needs to be. Yoppie take responsibility for delivering the products to suit the required frequency and it’s one less thing to add to your no doubt already extensive ‘to do’ list.

Yoppie also have a blog which provides insightful educational information on everything period related. Topics include bloating tips and tricks, pain management, PMS myths and contraception to name a few. It’s a real one stop shop for anything period related and something I wish existed when I was growing up and learning to understand my cycle, cues and generally navigating those 5-10 days of the month when it can feel as though the world is against you.

Yoppie are kindly offering a whopping 50% off your first order. Try the service today using this link and take the hassle out of preparing for your next cycle.