Back to Work

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After 11 delightful days off, I’m back at work today. The blues haven’t set in yet and I’ve found that working from home helps to keep them at bay. It’s not as much of a shift from being off to being back in that I can wake up at a relatively reasonable time, the commute takes less than a minute and I can get my head down and catch up without distraction. I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll feel as though I’ve not been off but that’s always the way.

While I was off I indulged in some online shopping as there wasn’t much else to do while the restrictions are still in place. One of the things I picked up was this jumpsuit from Zara. I liked the style with the cut out waist showing a little bit of skin. The slightly puffy short sleeves are another nice design feature and they cut off at just the right point. The high and elasticated waist is welcomed and the jumpsuit overall is a really comfortable and forgiving fit. It’s a bit different from the usual jumpsuit styles and thankfully the proportions are just right with the only adjustment required being to fold the turn ups a few more times. It can be tricky to get a jumpsuit to fit perfectly when you’re petite as one size generally doesn’t fit all.

The only downside is it seems to attract any and every single speckle of dust and oose (fluff if you’re not Scottish) which you can see from some of the close up pictures. It’s one of those pieces that needs to be accompanied by a lint roller at all times although I’ll most likely be wearing when working from home in the immediate future so less of an issue in any case.

I’ve styled very simply with some stylish Michael Kors heels and my trusty Kensington eye bag. The white stitching stands out against the all black base and livens things up a little.

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