Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is a 100 acre sculpture park and outdoor art gallery located in the small village of Wilkieston, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. It’s set within the grounds of Bonnington House which is a stunning 19th century stately home and currently operates as a family home. I can only imagine how incredible it would be to grow up in such a vibrant, historic and culturally significant environment. It’s a unique set up as often when these places are privately owned, they are accessible to the public or used as a venue for events or weddings. Bonnington House is completely off limits although there are newer wings which have been added in keeping with the original design and architecture and used for exhibitions.

The sculpture park itself is extensive, I didn’t expect it to be so vast or to have so many different types of art. There is a combination of natural sculptures i.e. things built into the land/from the land such as the Cells of Life to larger installations such as Firmament and Landscape with Gun and Tree. There is something for everyone whether it’s little ones, older generations or somewhere in between, it’s a great all round family day out even if you aren’t interested in art.

The Gateway pool is open for bathing sessions at a cost of £60 for groups of 6. The pool area is open for viewing between 13:15-14:00 each day between sessions if you want to see it without having to pay.

Alongside the exhibitions there are some animals including horses, donkeys, goats, ducks and swans. The place is also alive with natural bird song which is such a nice and calming thing to hear while exploring.

We spent 3 hours non-stop wandering and we didn’t manage to see everything but I look forward to returning again soon. After a couple of hours of exploring, there is a cafe to refuel. The interior design is eccentric but playful and the crockery matches which is a nice touch and it’s also available to buy in the shop. The cafe is quite small although there is a garden to the rear with outdoor seating as well as a few tables and chairs at the front. The menu is limited and it doesn’t have many classic / fuss free options. We had tea and cake which was quite pricey at £6 a slice but delicious and you could tell it was home made.  There is another standalone unit selling food and refreshments but overall I’d say the eating options are quite limited given the size of the place. Visitor numbers will likely be limited and as far as I understand picnics are banned at the moment therefore you don’t have much choice but to eat at the establishments on site which is likely driving the high price point so something to keep in mind if you are planning a visit.

Overall I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area or looking for a fun day out this Summer. Entry is £10 for adults and £5 for kids. Memberships start at £40 for an adult or £75 for a family (2 adults and 2 children).