Pretty Polka Dress

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Good Morning,

I always strive for my Summer outfits to be as simple and effortless as possible. I can’t be doing with all the fussing and changing 574 times before settling on something I’m not 100% happy with. In order to avoid that process, I’ve made a conscious effort to ensure every piece that gets added to my wardrobe is versatile, wearable day to day and most importantly, makes me feel good.

 When I seen this dress on the Zara website, it didn’t immediately catch my eye. I thought it was nice but I wasn’t compelled to purchase and it was partly due to the weird styling and questionable photography they often do which baffles me beyond belief. It didn’t look super flattering on the model so I couldn’t gauge how it would look on me i.e. a 5 ft 2 shorty.

The power of social media is real though and I seen a few of my favourite girls on Instagram and TikTok styling it up and my gosh it looked 1000 times better and I ordered it straight away. When it arrived and I tried it on I absolutely loved it and I don’t think I’ve had a dress that has made me feel so good when I first put on since pre-COVID times. Everything is softer and looser and although my overall size hasn’t changed, things definitely look and fit differently which is an adjustment.

Anyway, I instantly could think of various occasions I’d wear the dress to, both casually and more formally as well as through all 4 seasons. The collar enables you to button up fully if you want coverage or leave a couple of buttons undone if you want to show some skin. The top part is quite sheer but not totally opaque therefore fine with a neutral/skin coloured bra underneath. The shirred detail is so flattering as it pulls you in at the smallest part of the waist and creates a separation between the top and bottom half. The skirt is lined and really flowy with the ruffled hem and looks great with a knitted jumper on top or a cardi thrown over the shoulders.

Overall it’s a beautiful dress and an unexpected but ideal addition to my wardrobe.

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