Ladurée x Olympia Le Tan

I’m well and truly missing my Parisian fix. This is the longest I’ve gone without visiting in 9 years and I’m craving all the things I love about Paris. If you’ve been following for a while, one of the most obvious will be a little visit to Ladurée and I truly wish we had a cafe in Scotland. I’d happily travel if it was in Edinburgh for example but sadly the closest store is in London.

Luckily they do UK delivery which I indulge in regularly. The delivery price is hefty at £8.50. Maracons are incredibly delicate so I totally appreciate there is more involved to preserve them but I still feel it’s a tad over the top. In saying that it’s the only time I’d be prepared to pay that kind of price for delivery and if it was any cheaper I’d literally be ordering every other week. It would be good if they offered a delivery subscription service similar to Selfridges and ASOS where you pay a one off fee and have unlimited delivery for a whole year. I guess it’s not cost effective due to the nature of the product. I’m aware you can buy Ladurée macarons via Selfridges and I do have Selfridges+ however they don’t allow you to select the flavours so you’re stuck with whatever comes with the box and they only have a few boxes available. While I like most of the flavours, raspberry are my favourite and I usually order a full box of the same flavour.

Recently Ladurée announced a new collaboration with Olympia Le Tan. If you’re not familiar with Olympia Le Tan, they are a Paris based brand with iconic book covers or famous artworks recreated in beautiful embroidered and embellished box bags. They are a cult favourite for celebs and feature on the red carpet regularly. The bags retail between £850-£3400 and they also offer special orders enabling personalisation or bespoke creations with price available on application.

In the collaboration, Olympia Le Tan have recreated the famous Ladurée branded green box into two beautiful bags. These are limited edition and retail at £960 or £1160. As part of the collaboration, they also created a stunning macaron box which I simply couldn’t resist. The front is detailed with macarons and sweet treats all over. There’s a little closure which alongside the inside of the ‘box’ is gold and in line with the infamous Ladurée branding. Inside are 9 macarons of your choice, mine were all raspberry and sadly long gone. The box is very reasonably priced at £28 to include the 9 macarons and allows you to get a sense of the Olympia Le Tan brand without the high price tag. It would make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one with the box a token and keepsake item.

Laduree Box